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hello everyone

i just wanted to let all my friends here on lj know that i've been really sick for a few days.  that's part of the reason i haven't been online or updated.  i finally got some answers in regards to my sleep study and hopefully will have the CPAP machine soon.  the pulmonologist's office said that they would call the company today to come and set things up.  then the company has to call me to set up a time to come and fit me with the mask and all that.  in the meantime, the sinus infection i thought was taken care of has not gone away.  my PCP put me on another antibiotic so we will see.
i also have been really sick, i actually got physically ill on tuesday and have had chills and sweats for the last week or so.  i went to see my PCP yesterday, and was told that i had lost 8 pounds.  it's been less than 3 months since the last time i saw him, so that is a substantial weight loss.  they also said that i am dehydrated.  i also found out that my blood pressure was 100/64 which is lower than it's ever been before.

hopefully, after this course of antibiotics, things will be a lot better.  i will try to keep y'all updated more frequently.


just another good day at my internship.  i started working on a Day Habilitation plan for a consumer who will be starting the program at the end of April.  i was at the intake meeting but the consumer was not present.  it is very difficult to write a plan without meeting the consumer or observing how they interact with others.  i've gotten feedback from my supervisor and the program coordinator, so hopefully i will be successful. 

i also found out that i will be doing the next intake, which will also happen at the end of April.  i'm nervous but very excited.  my supervisor will, or course, be present, but she is going to let me do the actual interview and be there to back me up.  if i was staying in Syracuse, i would consider applying for a job.

i have registered for a BootBlack training in Baltimore at the end of the month and i am looking for a place to stay, relatively cheap.  i would be willing to pay someone for a couch or floor space, but it would be less than $89 a night.  the training is taking place at the Playhouse and i would love to be someplace relatively close to that.  if anyone can help me out, please email me at eyoung9@twcny.rr.com  i will be forever grateful.

so, all in all life is good and i can't complain about much; besides, who would listen to me if i did!!!!  lol  i am getting my apartment together again and i'm really happy about that.  i've begun to exercise a bit by using my manual wheelchair to go up and down the hill to the photo lab at the University, and walking around during my internship.  when the weather finally gets nice, and stays nice, i will be taking out my crutches and walking much more.  i am definitely excited about that possibility because i have gained some weight over the winter and i need to get rid of it.  i am also going to be refining my diet so that i am not eating so mch junk and a lot more salads.  it has been a while since i've done mostly salads and i really miss it.  i love my veggies and this is the perfect time for me to get back to them.


"Leather....it's not what I do, it's who I am"