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evolving as an individual

i thought for a long time that i would never change, that i would always be the needy person that i had been since i was a child.  i am glad to be able to say, here and now, that i am no longer as needy as i had been.  i still have needs, just like anyone else, i am no longer focusing solely on those needs.  i have begun to focus my energy on the needs of another.  this is very different and difficult for me, but i am enjpoying it all the same.  my priorities have shifted to include another human being, and some of my furry companions as well.  this is a very new and unique position for me to be in and i'm not sure if i am happy or not.  all i know is that i am not nearly as depressed as i have been during this time of year in the past.  who would've thought that i could change after all this time?


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Jan. 23rd, 2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
you rock :)
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