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16 December 1958
I am an african american ftm. I am interested in reading, writing, cooking, sex, gender, and making friends. I have cerebral palsy and use a manual wheelchair for transport. I love music of all kinds, especially obscure, hard to find stuff. i will, hopefully soon, be getting a motorized wheelchair to help the rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder heal. And my favorite thing of all time, besides sex and reading, is taking black & white photographs. I enjoy meeting new people and have begun to get back into writing prose and poetry.

(9/17/04) I finally got my power chair, and I love it. It is bright yellow and black and not nearly as large and cumbersome as I expected it to be. We'll see if it does, in fact, allow my left shoulder to heal. Stay tuned!!

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(2/12/05) Had my shoulder repaired in December and things are getting better slowly. I have almost full range of motion back and I will be able to start strengthening in March.

(3/26/05) Had my hysterectomy on March 3rd and am slowly recovering from that. I had to discontinue physical therapy on my shoulder but, I am happy to report that I am using my manual wheelchair occasionally and it feels really good.
In addition to writing some poetry, I have begun to write some gay porn, which makes me very happy.

(11/12/05) Well, I am almost done with my first semester back at school in over a year. My human services internship is not turning out well but I am learning a lot in my photo classes. I should have my Human Services associates degree by December 2006; and I'm hoping to have my Photography associates degree by May 2007. This semester I am taking a color class and advanced black & white. I registered for Design I, Special Topics in B&W, and Beginning Color. I will be getting an Incomplete in my internship class, so I will complete that next semester.

(2/25/06) This semester I am completing my internship class and it's going a lot better than the last one. I am also taking Special Topics in B&W, and Design I. I decided not to take any color classes because i didn't enjoy it at all last semester. I belong to a Levi/Leather group for transmasculine gender outlaws called La Fraternitie du Loup Garou, which I co-founded. We had our second National meeting in Chicago over President's Day weekend and it went really well. I'm hoping to get more piercings and tattoos this summer and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people and traveling this summer.

(8/3/06) Well, I finished my Internship class and got an A, so now I'm preparing for my final semester. Then I will be moving to Holland, OH to attend the University of Toledo and be with my Daddy Jake. Just returned from LaGarou's CampOUT and it was an AMAZING time. I got a new tattoo over the scar on my left knee. It is a zipper, and the beginning of a larger piece that will likely cover my entire left thigh. I am having a great summer in Holland, OH, but now I'm getting ready to return to Syracuse for the final time. I've made some amazing connections and I couldn't be happier.

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(10/1/06) well, i'm well into my final semester at school and it's going well. i had an MRI last week on my head and neck cuz i've been having a lot of pain and headaches. i really love school, but i want to be somewhere else. we'll see.

(12/01/06) okay, the semester is almost over and lots of things have been happening. Daddy Jake and i are no longer in a Daddy/boy relationship, but we are still good friends. i will be spending Christmas and New Years with him and his mom. i will definitely be graduating this month with an Associate's degree in Human Services, and i will also be moving to Ohio by the end of January 2007. life has been difficult due to an increase in psychiatric symptoms in the last few weeks, but i'm trying to make it through as best i can. still having lots of pain in my neck and shoulder. nothing new on that front, but i'm dealing the best i can.


6/1/07 i am the happiest that i have been in a very, very long time. things are much better at the house here in Toledo and i'm really glad that i moved here. Dale, Miles, and i are getting along really well. the cats and the dog are doing much better, and the best thing of all is that a man that i've been in love with from afar for the last 5 years is coming to live with us in about a week. i don't know if anything will happen between us, but i'm really glad he's going to be here and he seems excited about it, too.
i have applied to the University of Toledo in the school of social work and i should here sometime in July. i will keep you all informed.

8/6/07 still really happy here in Toledo. just found out that all of my transcripts have finally been sent to the University and i will call at the end of the week to see if the last one has been received. when i talked to the woman in admissions, she said that i should be okay for the fall semester, which makes me very happy. CampOUT was incredible this year, i got two new tattoos and i got to play with my new Daddy, which was the most amazing experience thus far in my life. i still have visible bruises from the biting more than a week later.

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